Adobe Director


Adobe Director is one of the multimedia applications. It authorizes platform shaped by Macromedia. Presently it is accomplished by Adobe Systems.

Invented By: Adobe Systems Adobe Director (formerly Macromedia)

Year Invented: 12 / February 11, 2013


Macromedia Director 4 was released 1994
Macromedia Shockwave Director 4.0.1 was released 1995
Macromedia Director 5 was released 1996
Macromedia Director 6 was released 1997
Macromedia Director 6.5 was released 1998
Macromedia Director 7 was released November 16, 1998
Macromedia Director 8 was released 2000
Macromedia Director 8.5 was released 2001
Macromedia Director MX was released 2002
Macromedia Director MX 2004 was January 5, 2004
Adobe Director 11 was released March 25, 2008
Adobe Director 11.5 was released March 23, 2009
Adobe Director 11.5.8 was released September 6, 2010
Adobe Director 11.5.9 was released August 18, 2011
Adobe Director 12 was released February 11, 2013

Adobe Director Applications are originated on a timeline, which are analogous to Adobe Flash. The main purpose of Director is to support graphical primordial and playback controls for example video players, 3D content players, and Flash players. It provides backing to a graphical user interface framework with basic controls. It has a scripting language called Lingo, and plug-in applications. Director permits collaboration with external files and certain Windows APIs.


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