Adobe Media Server


Proprietary data and media server from Adobe Systems is called Adobe Media Server (AMS). This serer is a multitask server which can work with the Flash Player runtime to create media driven, multiuser RIAs (Rich Internet Applications).

Invented By: Adobe Systems (formerly Macromedia)

Year Invented: November 19, 2015

Adobe Media Server is a hub to connect the real time messaging to protocol by the flash based application. The data is sent and received by the server to and from the connected users with live web FLV player installed. Remote procedure calls (RPC) are made by the connected clients. The server can provide the methods of call procedure to the specific clients.


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This character name is alluding to Philo Farnsworth and Vladimir K. Zworykin, who invented the iconoscope. He was inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame in 2013