Away3D is a open-source platform which is called Away3D. It is for developing interactive 3D graphics for video games and applications, in Adobe Flash or HTML5. There is a 3D world editor based on a platform. Moreover, there are3D graphics engine (Away3D or AwayJS), a 3D physics engine (Away Physics) and a compressed 3D model file format (AWD).

Away3D is an open-source ActionScript 3 engine for developing interactive 3D graphics within Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR. Away3D runs on current web browsers utilizing the Adobe Flash Player, and uses Stage3D for GPU-accelerated rendering.


Do you know ?

This character name is alluding to Philo Farnsworth and Vladimir K. Zworykin, who invented the iconoscope. He was inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame in 2013