Binary can be a base 2 8-bit number system represented from the numeric values of 0 or 1, also called OFF or ON, and it is the main language that computers use to communicate.

Today’s computers still use binary since it may be the simplest and many effective approach to discovering an electric transmission to be both off or on, discovering magnetic rods with magnetic media just like a drive, and since it may be the most effective method to control logic circuits.

A bit string, interpreted as a binary number, can be translated into a decimal number. For example, the lower case a, if represented by the bit string 01100001 (as it is in the standard ASCII code), can also be represented as the decimal number 97.

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Christopher Latham Sholes (February 14, 1819 – February 17, 1890) was an American inventor who invented the QWERTY keyboard and along with Frank Haven Hall, Samuel W. Soule, Carlos Gladden and John Pratt, has been contended as one of the …

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