Card Reader


Alternately known as a press card reader, a card reader is just a hardware system that enables you to create and study information on the storage card like a media card.

Some card readers just have one-card position, plus some have numerous card slots for press and various cards. Some kinds of memory cards with their own USB functions do not need the card reader, such as the Intelligent Stick memory card, which can plug directly into a USB slot.

Modern UDMA-7 CompactFlash Cards and UHS-I Secure Digital cards provide data rates in excess of 89 MB/s and up to 145 MB/s, when used with memory card readers capable of USB 3.0 data transfer rates.

Do you know ?

The hard disk was invented on September 13, 1956 by IBM team led by Rey Johnson (considered as “father” of the disk drive). Earlier hard disk drives were large and cumbersome devices.