CD-R stands for “Compact Disk Recordable” is a blank cd which is used to record and data. Once the data is recorded cannot be modified forever.

The data burned onto a CD-R disc is everlasting, denotation it can not be distorted or erased like the data on a hard drive.

Some drives use special techniques, such as Plextor’s GigaRec or Sanyo’s HD-BURN, to write more data onto a given disc; these techniques are inherently deviations from the Compact Disc (Red, Yellow, and/or Orange Book) standards, making the recorded discs proprietary-formatted and not fully compatible with standard CD players and drives.

Do you know ?

The hard disk was invented on September 13, 1956 by IBM team led by Rey Johnson (considered as “father” of the disk drive). Earlier hard disk drives were large and cumbersome devices.