ColdFusion is becoming very familiar platform for building advanced web applications and sophisticated set of products for serving pages to users and also designed to be expressive and powerful by performing programming codes and tasks at higher lever comparatively to others languages.

ColdFusion invented by Jeremy Allair and JJ Allaire in 1995. It provides integration with web applications functionality such as databases access, PDF and MS Exchange access etc. It is user friendly and has full access to Java and Tomcat and (ColdFusion Mark-up Language) in which effective programs are written.

It is a great and faster development experience than Java language. The extensions of ColdFusion are ‘.cfc’ for objects and ‘.cfm’ for pages. In 2011, it merged with Macromedia in which a user enters a zip code on a web page and finds out the nearest movie theaters in the result of HTML form. The current version Adobe ColdFusion 11 released on 2014-April-29.


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