Cyber Crime


Cyber Crime, e-crime, digital crime, or hi tech crime, computer crime can be an act generally done with an experienced computer person, often known as a hacker that illegally browses or takes a businesses or person’s personal information. In some Examples, this person or number of people might be harmful and damage or else damaged data or the computer files.

A report (sponsored by McAfee estimates that the annual damage to the global economy is at $445 billion. however, a Microsoft report shows that such survey-based estimates are “hopelessly flawed” and exaggerate the true losses by orders of magnitude. Approximately $1.5 billion was lost in 2012 to online credit and debit card fraud in the US.

Do you know ?

The computer mouse as we know it today was invented and developed by Douglas Engelbart, with the assistance of Bill English, during the 1960’s and was patented on November 17, 1970