Data Type


A data type is just a category of the kind of information that item or a variable holds in computer language. Data type can be an essential aspect in almost all computer languages, including JavaScript, C#, C++, and visual basic.

When developers produce computer applications web-based and desktop, data types applied and should be recommended properly, to guarantee the consequence of the capabilities of the application form is an error and appropriate free.

For example, in the Java programming language, the “int” type represents the set of 32-bit integers ranging in value from -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647, as well as the operations that can be performed on integers, such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Colors, on the other hand, are represented by three bytes denoting the amounts each of red, green, and blue, and one string representing that color’s name; allowable operations include addition and subtraction, but not multiplication.

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