Defragment is procedures of reorganizing the information to assist boosts the effectiveness of opening the information and avoid file fragmentation of a drive.

The process enhances the capacity and performance of hard disk and saves from bad sectors also and to boost the performance of your computer. Defragmenting your hard disk is such a good idea. Adding up and removing data from your hard disk is a general task.

This procedure is not always complete very competently. For example, when you delete a group of little files and add a new large file, the file may get wrecked up into numerous sections on the hard disk. The computer will still read the recently added file as a single valid file, but the drive will have to scan multiple parts of the disk to read it.

Because hard disk seek time is one of the most important bottlenecks in a computer’s recital, this can drag down your computer’s speed quite a bit.

If you have a load of “fragmented” files on your hard disk, you strength hear extra grinding, sputtering, and other strange noises coming from your computer.

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