DVR stands for “Digital Video Recorder” is a house digital camera like the VCR that allows customers to report common shows anytime to some computer drive. Why DVDs is ever more popular is the capability to get a person to report a common show watching them anytime as well as their simplicity of use.

Consumer digital video recorders ReplayTV and TiVo were launched at the 1999 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.[2] Microsoft also demonstrated a unit with DVR capability, but this did not become available until the end of 1999 for full DVR features in Dish Network’s DISHplayer receivers.

TiVo shipped their first units on March 31, 1999. ReplayTV won the “Best of Show” award in the video category[3] with Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen as an early investor and board member,[4] but TiVo was more successful commercially.

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The hard disk was invented on September 13, 1956 by IBM team led by Rey Johnson (considered as “father” of the disk drive). Earlier hard disk drives were large and cumbersome devices.