FaceBook Graph API


FaceBook Graph API is named after the idea of a ‘social graph’. The main objective of Graph API is to receive and send data of Facebook social graph. It is used to query data, post new stories, upload photos and videos as well as delete them considering the users choice along with multiple tasks development based on HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol).

Open Graph helps to define new objects and its action in the social Graph via applications to design new instances of those actions and objects with Graph API.

The Graph API has many versions which guide what has changed and how to upgrade from older versions and for further enhancement. Each version contains a set of core fields and edge operations and those basic applications cannot be altered in that version for at least 2 years with guarantee. The Graph API requires the use of access token which applications of the users generate by applying Facebook Login.The easiest and simple way to learn and understand the Graph API go with Graph API Explorer a specific tool to query, add, and remove data at your fingertips.

Available FaceBook API SDK version
IOS | Andriod |JavaScript | PHP | Unity
Third-Party ( C-Sharp,Objective-C,Django,Python,Flash,Qt,HTML5,Ruby,Java,Unity,JavaScript.V-Play,WinJS,Lua,WordPress,Node.js )

URL: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api

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