File Name


The entire name of expansion and the file is known as filename. For Example, readme.txt is just a complete or total filename.
A file name could also just explain the initial part of the file, for example read me may be the title of the file and.txt may be the extension of the file.

The name of file is written before the extension both file name and extension are part of a filename.
A filename may include one or more of these components:
• host (or node or server) – network device that contains the file
• device (or drive) – hardware device or drive
• directory (or path) – directory tree (e.g., /usr/bin, \TEMP, [USR.LIB.SRC], etc.)
• file – base name of the file
• type (format or extension) – indicates the content type of the file (e.g. .txt, .exe, .COM, etc.)
• version – revision or generation number of the file

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