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Your home page is the title of the website where guests will find hyperlinks to additional pages within the site’s primary page. It is the very first page of any website which is found on the internet.

Automatically, your home page on all web servers is index.html may also be index.php, index.htm, or regardless of the developer chooses. A static web page is delivered exactly as stored, as web content in the web server’s file system, while a dynamic web page is generated by a web application that is driven by server-side software or client-side scripting. Dynamic website pages help the browser (the client) to enhance the web page through user input to the server.

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Christopher Latham Sholes (February 14, 1819 – February 17, 1890) was an American inventor who invented the QWERTY keyboard and along with Frank Haven Hall, Samuel W. Soule, Carlos Gladden and John Pratt, has been contended as one of the …

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