Ruby and Rails


Ruby and Rails is known as Rails and an open source web application framework which optimized for programmer to write beautiful code in Ruby and emphasizes the use of software engineering patterns and paradigms by favoring convention over configuration.

To organize application programming Ruby and Rails are using model view controller (MVC). David Heinemeir Hansson was created Rails in 2003 and since been extended by the Rails expert core team and more than 34,000 contributors.

The community of Ruby on Rails consist of nice and experience people and they are ready to help others learners. To learn Ruby and Rails everything is available at website including books, tutorials, manuals and lots of open source examples. Ruby and Rails 4 is used to build killer web applications for more advanced materials “Jose Valim” is a core member of the community has written Crafting Rails 4 Applications.

Invented By:  David Heinemeier Hansson
Year Invented: 13 December 2005


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