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In computing, there is a standard for message logging called syslog. It permits departure of the software that generates messages. It is a system that stores them, and there is software that reports and analyzes them. You can consider each message with a facility code which is indicating the software type generating the message, and assigned a severity label.

There is a wide variety of devices, such as printers, routers, and message receivers across many platforms use the syslog standard. This allows the consolidation of logging data from diverse types of systems in a central repository. There are implementations of syslog which exist for many operating systems.


Diagnostics is an identification of the nature called Diagnosis and it can measure the cause of a certain phenomenon. You can use Diagnosis in many different disciplines with variations in the use of logic, analytics, and experience to determine “cause and effect”. You can use it in systems engineering and computer science.

There are many purposes of Diagnosis such as you can measure the identification of the nature and cause of a certain phenomenon. You can use it with many variations such as use of logic, analytics, and experience to determine “cause and effect”.


There is an open source analytics and visualization platform called Kibana which can design to work with Elasticsearch. People can use Kibana to search, view, and interact with data stored in Elasticsearch indices. We can easily execute advanced data analysis and visualize your data in a variety of charts, tables, and maps.

Invented by: Elastic
Year Invented: In June 2014

Kibana is a simple, browser which is based interface enables you to quickly create and share dynamic dashboards that display changes to Elastics each queries in real time. You can set the Kibana in a snap. It is very easy to install Kibana and you can and start exploring your Elasticsearch indices in minutes. 


You can use data visualization in many disciplines as a modern correspondent of visual communication. It can manage the creation and study of the visual representation of data, meaning “information that has been preoccupied in some schematic form, including attributes or variables for the units of information”.

Invented by: John W. Tukey , Edward Tufte , Hadley Wickham
Year Invented: 2nd century

There are two purposes of visualization such as an art and a science. It is considered as a branch of descriptive statistics by some. But it is used as a grounded theory development tool by others. There is an increased amount of data which is created by Internet activity. There are an expanding number of sensors in the environment which are referred to as “big data” or Internet of things.


Away3D is a open-source platform which is called Away3D. It is for developing interactive 3D graphics for video games and applications, in Adobe Flash or HTML5. There is a 3D world editor based on a platform. Moreover, there are3D graphics engine (Away3D or AwayJS), a 3D physics engine (Away Physics) and a compressed 3D model file format (AWD).

Away3D is an open-source ActionScript 3 engine for developing interactive 3D graphics within Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR. Away3D runs on current web browsers utilizing the Adobe Flash Player, and uses Stage3D for GPU-accelerated rendering.



Papervision3D is an open source. It is a 3D graphics engine for rendering 3D content within Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR. Papervision3D is not developed for Stage3D and renders 3D content fully on the CPU without GPU-accelerated rendering. It means that it is unlike the modern Flash 3D engines such as Away3D and Flare3D.

Invented by: Carlos Ulloa
Year Invented: December 2005

Papervision3D was developed by Carlos Ulloa around December 2005; it is an open source by the end of 2006. Papervision3D was of the first 3D rendering engines that is built for Adobe Flash Player. When it launched then it was a complete and best known 3D engine for Flash. I had used draw Triangles() to render 3D content fully on the CPU, within Flash Player.


A multiplayer video game that is a video game in which more than one person can play in the same game setting at the same time. There are video games that are often single-player actions, placing the player against preprogrammed challenges or AI-controlled opponents. Multiplayer games may allow players communication with other individuals in partnership, competition or rivalry.

There is a collective name for playing a computer game with multiple players which is called Multiplayer. You can play it in several ways such as LAN -connective, over the internet or via a split screen, the most common ones.


Scribus needs English IPA is a desktop publishing (DTP) application, which is released under the GNU General Public License as free software. This program is based on the free Qt toolkit, with native versions available for Unix, Linux, BSD, macOS, Haiku, Microsoft Windows, OS/2 and eComStation working systems.

Invented By: The Scribus Team
Year Invented: 26 June 2003

Scribus is software which is designed for layout, typesetting, and grounding of files for professional-quality image-setting apparatus. You can produce animated and interactive PDF presentations and forms such as writing newspapers, brochures, newsletters, posters, and books.


JIRA is an exclusive issue tracking product which is developed by Atlassian. You can handle the bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management functions. Although typically it is called JIRA yet the product name is not an acronym. But it is a truncation of Gojir which is the Japanese name for Godzilla, itself a reference to Jira’s main competitor, Bugzilla.

Invented By: Atlassian, Inc.
Year Invented: 2002

There are some organizations that have used Jira at some point. They use JIRA for bug-tracking and project management include Fedora Commons, Hibernate, JBoss, Skype Technologies, Spring Framework, and The Apache Software Foundation, which can use both Jira and Bugzilla.


Stage3D is an Adobe Flash Player API in computing for execution of interactive 3D graphics with GPU-acceleration, within Flash games and applications. There is a Flash Player or AIR applications written in Action Script. 3D can use Stage3D to reduce 3D graphics, and particular applications can run natively on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Apple iOS and Google Android.

There are GPU Shaders in Stage3D which are expressed in the Adobe Graphics Assembly Language. Stage3D can object leave from the outmoded SWF version model in that they cannot be added to SWF’s display lists; instead they necessity be instantiated via ActionScript.


If you want to know the geographic location then you use the software of Geolocation. It is the identification or estimation of the real-world geographic location of an object, such as a radar source, mobile phone, or Internet-connected computer terminal. You cannot use it in the coordinates to determine a meaningful location, such as a street address.

There are many purposes of the geolocation because it is in deductive position. In the crowdsourcing position, you can use the geolocation for knowing the position of videos of training camps, combats, and beheadings in Syria by comparing features detected in the video with publicly available map databases such as Google Earth, as practiced by sites such as Bellingcat.


The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based radio navigation system owned by the United States government and operated by the United States Air Force. A global navigation satellite system provides geolocation and time information to a GPS receiver anywhere on or near the Earth where there is a free line of sight to four or more GPS satellites.

Invented By: AFSPC
Year Invented: February 1978

The GPS system provides critical positioning competences to military, civil, and commercial users around the world. The United States government created the system, maintains it, and makes it freely accessible to anyone with a GPS receiver. However, the US government can selectively reject access to the system, as happened to the Indian military in 1999 during the Kargil War.


Three-dimensional computer graphics are graphics that use a three-dimensional representation of geometric data (often Cartesian) that is stored in the computer for the purposes of performing calculations and rendering 2D images.

Invented By: William Fetter
Year Invented: 1961

Before execution into an image, objects must be put out in a scene. This defines three-dimensional relationships between objects, including location and size. Animation refers to the time-based description of an object (i.e., how it moves and deforms over time).


2D computer graphics is the computer-based generation of digital images and are mostly from two-dimensional models (such as 2D geometric models, text, and digital images) and by techniques specific to them.

2D Animation is the process of making hundreds of drawings and then having them moving by playing them in rapid succession. This is the most common form of animation, and has been used for several eras across several forms of media.


A firewall is a part of a network that is designed to block unauthorized access while permitting authorized communications. It is a device or set of devices, which is aligned to permit or reject computer, based application upon a set of rules and other criteria.

Invented By: Clifford Stoll
Year Invented: late 1980s

A firewall typically establishes a boundary between a trusted, secure internal network and another outside network, such as the Internet, that is expected not to be secure or trusted. Firewalls are often characterized as either network firewalls or host-based firewalls.


A subset of game development, Game programming is the software development of video games. Game programming requires extensive skill in software engineering as well as specialization in one or more of the following areas, which overlap heavily to create a game: simulation, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, physics, audio programming, and input.

Programmers are often required to produce models of gameplay ideas and features. A great deal of prototyping may take place during pre-production, before the design document is complete, and may help determine what features the design specifies.


In computing, is a system used for reporting and data analysis, a data warehouse (DW or DWH), also known as an enterprise data warehouse (EDW), and is considered a core component of business intelligence. DWs are central fountains of integrated data from one or more unlike sources.

Invented By: Barry Devlin and Paul Murphy
Year Invented: 1980s

The process of meeting, cleaning and integrating data from various sources, usually from long-term existing operational systems (usually referred to as legacy systems), was typically in part replicated for each environment. Moreover, the operational systems were frequently revised as new decision support requirements arisen.


The process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product stated as User experience design. It covers traditional human–computer interaction (HCI) design, and extends it by addressing all aspects of a product or service as apparent by users.

Invented By: Donald Norman
Year Invented: 1940

User experience may be considered subjective in nature to the degree that it is about individual perception and thought with respect to the system. User experience is vibrant as it is persistently modified over time due to changing usage conditions and changes to individual systems as well as the wider usage context in which they can be found.


Software testing is an investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under test. Software testing can also provide an objective, independent view of the software to allow the business to appreciate and understand the risks of software implementation.

Invented By: Glenford J. Myers
Year Invented: in 1979

A process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding the software bugs terms as Software Testing. It can also be stated as the process of authenticating and proving that a software program, application, or product meets the business and technical requirements that guided its design and development.


Short form of a UDID is Unique Device ID. This UDID is actually a feature of Apple iDevices. It is basically a unique id for a single device that is being made by Apple servers every time a user tries to activate the device using iCloud or Setup app. This ID is also used by iTunes to detect the phone or to communicate with it while restoring the iPSW firmware.

The user nor Apple cannot change this unique ID, but changing the motherboard will change said ID.

Each iPhone or iPod Touch has a sequence of 40 letters and numbers terms as Unique Device Identifier (UDID) that is specific to your device. It’s like a serial number but much harder to guess. It will look something like this: 2b6f0cc904d137be2e1730235f5664094b831186 .


Many of the peoples were muddled when they have to determine the differences between quality control, quality assurance, and that of testing. Even though they are consistent and to some amount, they can be recognized as same goings-on, nevertheless there occur unique points that fixed them separately.

Invented By: Glenford J. Myers
Year Invented: in 1979

Usually software testers do the software testing. In the EST techniques, there include the procedure of executing a program or some applications with the intending to verdict software viruses and authenticate that is that software is for better use. Software testing comprises the completing of a software component or the system component to appraise one or more stuffs of concern.


Apple is using the verifying code signing for an application. There is private/public key pair. There is a mobile provision file that you must install on the target device for debugging. There are two types of provisioning profiles, one is called development and other is called distribution.

A collection of assets is called provisioning profile. It links the group of developers. A group of devices and more applications are linked with it. It enables the devices for testing the application while it is being developed.


CDN is a content delivery network or content distribution network. CDN is an internationally distributed network of proxy servers that is deployed in multiple data centers. There is a goal of a CDN and it wants to serve content to end-users with high obtainability and high performance. It was release on 1990.

The term CDN means there are many things to different people. It is an umbrella term that describes many different types of content delivery services. There are numerous such as Video streaming, software downloads, web and mobile content acceleration, licensed/managed CDN, transparent caching.


There is a command processor called Bash that typically runs in a text window, where the user types commands that cause actions. Bash is able to read commands from a file, called a script. It can support the filename globing (wildcard matching), piping, here documents, command substitution, variables and control structures for condition-testing and iteration like all UNIX shells.

Invented By: Brian Fox
Year Invented: June 8, 1989


There is a command processor often known as Bash. It typically runs in a text window, where the user types commands that cause actions. Bash may also read commands from a file and this procedure is called a script. It supports filename globing (wildcard matching), piping, here documents, command substitution, variables and control structures for condition-testing and iteration.


The route of electronic signals, digital data streams, or flows of items is called the loopback, or loop-back back to their source without intentional processing or modification. It is a main source of testing the transmission or transportation infrastructure.

When any message is transmitted by such a channel, it is received by the same channel. The loopback devices perform transmission can test of access lines from the serving switching center, which usually does not require the assistance of personnel at the served terminal. It is a mode of testing in station which is not imperatively adjacent.


Decomposition in computer science is called factoring. It is a breaking a complex problem or system into parts. These parts make the easier to conceive, understand, program, and maintain. There are procedural modules called decomposition paradigms.

In the computer programming, decomposition paradigm is a system for establishing a program as a number of parts, and it usually implies a specific way to organize a program text. There is an aim of using the paradigm to optimize some metric related to program complexity, for example the modularity of the program or its maintainability.


Apache Solr is an uncluttered framework enterprise search forum; Solr is transcribed in Java, from the Apache Lucene project. Its basic structures comprise of full-text search, hit highlighting, faceted search, real-time indexing, dynamic clustering, database integration, NoSQL features and rich document (e.g., Word, PDF) handling. This is a reliable framework by experts.

Invented By:  Yonik Seeley

Year Invented: In 2004


Apache Solr is an appreciated and dependable, accessible and fault tolerant, providing distributed indexing, replication and load-balanced querying, automated failover and recovery, centralized configuration and more. Solr influences the quest and navigation structures of many of the world’s largest internet sites.


Augmented Reality is new user experience as it is animates direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose essentials are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory involvement such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.

Invented By: Louis Rosenberg is developer of the first functioning AR system.

Year Invented: Augmented reality systems were established at the U.S. Air Force’s Armstrong Labs in 1992.

Processor, display, sensors and input devices are the imperative components of the hardware. The modern devices of computers such as tablets and mobiles are based on components. Some other devices are included such as accelerometer, GPS, and solid state compass, making them suitable AR platforms.


System Analysis is one of the problem-solving methods that crumble a structure into its constituent fragments. The main purpose of system analysis to study how well those element work and interact to undertake their purpose.

 Invented By: Ackoff,

Year Invented: 1960

The enlargement of a computer-based information system contains a system analysis phase. It works as helper to create the data model, a precursor to forming or augmenting a database. Basically Systems analysis is a problem-solving technique that includes looking at the broader system, breaking the parts. It helps to presume how it works in order to achieve a particular goal.


A shell script is a famous program which is designed to be run by the Unix shell, a command-line interpreter. There are various dialects of shell scripts that are measured to be languages. Shell scripts work on the typical operations including file manipulation, program execution, and printing text.

Invented By: Developed by Fernando J. Corbató

Year Invented: First released in 1989

A convenient variation is provided by the shell script. Environment settings, command options, or post-processing apply automatically by the convenient variation of a system command. But it can allow the new writing to quiet act as a fully normal Unix command.


Data can be stored or organized by using this dedicated format. The main purpose of designing a structure is to unify data to suit a specific purpose. By using Data structure data can be accessed and operated in applicable ways.

General data structure types include the array, the file, the record, the table, the tree, and so on.

Data structure can be selected or designed to store data for the perseverance of working on it with numerous algorithms. You can use it in computer programing.

Specific abstract data types can be implemented in data structures one or more (ADT), which require the processes that can be achieved on a data structure.


The intangible model of internet is called the internet protocol. It is a set of communications protocol that is used the Internet and similar computer networks. The TCP/IP model (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) is an expressive framework for the Internet Protocol Suite of computer network protocols.

Invented By: it was a joint venture of Robert E. Kahn, Vinton Cerf

Year Invented: 1973

There is a two layer program called TCP/IP. Two layers like higher layer, Transmission Control Protocol can manage the collecting of a message or file into smaller packets that are transferred over the Internet and received by a TCP layer that reassembles the packets into the original message. Addresses are handled by the two layers.


The name Redis refers to Remote Dictionary Server. Its function is to implement data structure servers. Redis brings a set of adaptable in-memory data structures which facilitate you to generate an assortment of custom applications.

Invented By: Salvatore Sanfilippo

Year Invented: Initial release‎: ‎April 10, 2009 stable version were released in March, 2010

Reis is used as database broker for cache and messages. This is an open source (BSD licensed), in-memory data structure store. Redis performs its functions with an in-memory dataset. Redis can acknowledge keys in an extensive variety of formats; operations can be implemented on the server.


PostgreSQL is a database management system and this term is abbreviated as Postgres. The main role of Postgres is to protect and return that data in reply to demands from other software submissions. PostgreSQL manages concurrency by an appropriate method which is identified as multi version concurrency control (MVCC). It gives full support and stores all procedures in different languages.
Invented By: the specific term was coined by Michael Stonebraker
Year Invented: PostgreSQL was resulted in a venture at the University of California, Berkeley. In 1982
As a database server, its primary functions are to store data securely and return that data in response to requests from other software applications. Its SQL execution strongly follows the ANSI-SQL: 2008 standard. PostgreSQL embraces four index access methods:
• Generalized search trees (GiST),
• Generalized inverted indexes (GIN),
• Space-Partitioned GiST (SP-GiST)
• Block Range Indexes (BRIN)

Limit Value Value
Maximum Database Size Unlimited
Maximum Table Size 32 TB
Maximum Row Size 1.6 TB
Maximum Field Size 1 GB
Maximum Rows per Table Unlimited
Maximum Columns per Table 250 – 1600 depending on column types
Maximum Indexes per Table Unlimited


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Node.js is also called “Node”. Node.js is an open source javascript runtime environment for cross platform which develop many tools and applications of server.

Node.js is not a part of javascript framework. The developers can easily write new modules in javascript.  The design of node.js maximizes input and output operations in web applications for real time web applications, programs and many browser games.

Invented By:  Ryan Dahl
Year Invented: 2009


The libraries of Node.js are used to build server-side applications in Javascript. Node.js does not block any input/output because a single process needs a specific number of CPU cycles. In case of blocking the application will crash.



Google glass is effectively an advanced wearable technology with an optical head-mounted display developed by Google with partnership of Italian eyewear company “Luxottica” which is owners of the “Ray-Ban” “Oakley” and other famous brands.

First Google Glass was available for beta testers (only for U.S residents) to buy in 2013, for $ 1,500 including tax at the same price as your average Smartphone. It’s all details are display in a Smartphone such as free format and heads-up coupled with the voice activation helps the users to see and communicate as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.It is essential to remove a little screw to move the Google Glass from one frame to another.

It is powered by Android, mobile devices and Apple iOS is expected. Google Glass is designed to receive phone call, send texts, videos, photos and also deliver search results. Voice commands make it more effective like saying “take a picture” capture all the moments of your life.

Google announced 3 new applications exclusively in order to entice for travelers TripIt, FourSquare and OpentTable. After that, Google also enhanced it on June 25, 2014 and provided notifications facility from Android wear will be sent to Google Glass.


Push refers to as data transfer is initiated by the server rather than the client. Push e-mails allows users to receive mail messages without having to check their e-mail manually.


This technology is also known as “Server Push” to deliver data and update information from internet to a user’s computer along with text messages to people’s cell phones. To enjoy the push technology.

It is necessary that both computers client and server must support to push technology for better and effective communication. Now a days people are no longer need to check the many websites continuously because push technology has become more attractive way to spreading information in the quickest way.


Artificial Intelligence is the brain of advanced computer generation and proceeds like human brain for example robots are doing same acts like normal soul.

The artificial intelligence is being introduced in the development markets but also still in development stage. It is often used in video games. A special language which is called (LISP) List processing language designed for artificial intelligence.

AI research is divided into subfields that focus on specific problems or on specific approaches or on the use of a particular tool or towards satisfying particular applications. The field was founded on the claim that human intelligence “can be so precisely described that a machine can be made to simulate it.


A clean-room is just a space that’s free of fixed or includes a low-level of chemicals or dust and dirt particles. It may be employed for numerous reasons, including improvement and study of services like computer processors.

The surroundings should be managed to guarantee the item infected or is not broken in other words. In the United States, Federal Standard 209E (FED-STD-209E) was used until the end of November 2001 to define the requirements for clean rooms. On November 29, 2001, these standards were superseded by the publication of ISO specification 14644-1


The procedure of rapidly pushing a mouse button while keeping it. Generally, double clicking can be used to start or perform an item. For Example, in this way operates.

If you should be dealing with text, double-clicking by a word, that word is selected. Tripple-clicking selects the word.In many programs, double-clicking on text selects an entire word.[2] (In X Window, it will also copy that piece of text into a buffer separate from the system clipboard, as with all selected text.

The selected text is not also put into clipboard until an overt cut or copy action takes place. A person can retrieve the information from this buffer, which is not the system clipboard, later by pressing the middle mouse button.)


Stands for Floating Point Function per Second, FLOPS is a rating used to point exactly how many floating point functions a microprocessor is effective at doing each second.

For Example, 20 Mflops is corresponding to 20-Million FLOPS per minute.

Teraflop or a tflop is indicated like a billion floating point operations per second, 1012 floating point operations per second, or 240 power flops.


Hard copy is in output form that continues to be published in writing. Hard copies allow information to be read with no need of the computer and therefore are frequently needed when somebody must sign a report.

After printing the hard copy it cannot be altered. For example book, newspapers and any written material.


Stands for “Internet Packet Exchange” Sequential Packet exchange, IPX/SPX is a regional-area network communications protocol produced by Novell that trades data between programs, community customers, and network peripherals. This Process can’t be utilized on the internet.


LPI stands for “Lines per Inch” abbreviated as LPI, is a printing term that signifies the variety of lines. Higher resolution is meant by higher lines per inch.

Because halftone images are printed as a series of dots, the higher the LPI number, the denser the dots can be, resulting in a finer resolution. Of course, if you look intimately sufficient, you may be able to see the dots in images printed in 150 lines per inch or more.

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A nanometer is a product of spatial dimension that’s one-billionth of the meter, or 10-9 meter. It is a unit of measurement used to measure length.

It’s popular in nanotechnology, the building of small devices.

The nanometer is often used to express dimensions on an atomic scale: the diameter of a helium atom, for example, is about 0.1 nm, and that of a ribosome is about 20 nm.


A value of 0 or 1, that is added to a block of data for error detection purposes. The parity bit can be used in parity error checking to locate mistakes that could arise during data transmission.

As long as only one bit is changed, an error will result. Therefore, parity checks are most reliable when using small packet sizes.


In computer programming, a recursive function or recursive describes the usage of a variable that calls upon itself within the programming, changing the value by adjusting its price used within the variable.

This kind of development could be helpful when multiple iterations of process or the formula are needed. Understanding as the utilization of recursive programming could be hard to comprehend initially, and understanding it may be very helpful.

This is often completed for example saying a process if necessary to get a quantity of factors.


In creating an audio noise for telecom or computers, the sample rate may be the quantities of examples of an audio which are obtained per second-to represent the function electronically. The more examples obtained the correct, per minute the electronic illustration of the sound could be.

For Example, the present sample rate for CD-quality sound is 44,100 samples per minute. The audio frequencies can reproduce upto 20,500 hertz, since the full-range of human hearing.


For almost any touch screen software or software that employs a number of the fingertips, slip or swipe that explains going in any way and installing your hand on the display.

For Example, having a smart phone you might need to swipe or slip your hand from left-to-right, right-to-left, or from low-to-saturated in order to discover the telephone.


The procedure of identifying a challenge to a problem or fixing a challenge. Troubleshooting usually requires the procedure of removal, in which a specialist can follow some actions resolve the issue or to be able to establish the problem.

Troubleshooting is something we all have to do at some point, though some of us have to troubleshoot product problems more often than others.


Virtual reality is an artificial environment that’s made up of application and offered for the person in this means the person allows it like a real environment and suspends belief.

On the computer, virtual reality is mainly experienced through two of the five senses: sound and view.


Sometimes abbreviated as Y2k, the Entire Year 2000 bug was a notice first posted by Bob Bemer in 1971 that explained the potential problems of IBM computers utilizing a two-digit year time stamp this bug is a little creature that lives inside older computers.

Previously, to save room and time developers displayed annually as two-numbers rather than four, e.g. ’79’ for ‘1979’. If your computer by using this rule rolled to the entire year 2000, the computer might translate ‘2000’ as ’00’, evoking the computer to consider it’s ‘1900’ rather than the year ‘2000’.


ASCII referred as “American Standard Code for Information Interchange” is a computer coding scheme published by ISO (international Standards Organization). The codes assigned to various characters. To represent data in computer we assign a numeric code to each character of the alphabet.

Computer converts codes into binary numbers to make it understand in own language. It’s a 7 bit coding scheme. With the other special characters and control codes filled in, ASCII was published as ASA X3.4-1963, leaving 28 code positions without any assigned meaning, reserved for future standardization, and one unassigned control code.

There was some debate at the time whether there should be more control characters rather than the lowercase alphabet.


The pace of computer or the pc processor is dependent upon the time period, which will be the quantity of time taken between two impulses of an oscillator. Broadly speaking, impulses per second’s larger quantity, the quicker the pc processor will have the ability to process info.

The time rate is calculated in Hz, usually both megahertz (MHz) or gigahertz (GHz).Most modern synchronous circuits use only a “single phase clock” – in other words, they transmit all clock signals on (effectively) 1 wire.

In synchronous circuits, a “two-phase clock” refers to clock signals distributed on 2 wires, each with non-overlapping pulses. Traditionally one wire is called “phase 1” or “φ1”, the other wire carries the “phase 2” or “φ2” signal.


Stands for “Dot Per Inch”, DPI is just a dimension of printer resolution showing exactly how many printer spots the printer may devote one-square inch, the larger the DPI the sharper the image.

Thus, a printer that’ll have 600 DPI is just a printer that may produce 600 x 600 per square inch or 360,000 dots per inch.

Monitors do not have dots, but do have pixels; the closely related concept for monitors and images is pixels per inch or PPI. Many resources, including the Android developer guide, use the terms DPI and PPI interchangeably.


A flowchart is just a visual representation of the outcomes of these choices planned out in specific designs which were produced by Herman Goldstone and John von Neumann within the 1940’s as well as choices.

Flowcharts permit a step-by-step troubleshooting a PC or plan to become slow that helps explain complex conditions like the actions in development code.

It is easy way to understand the code with help of flow chart.


Stands for high “definition TV”, HDTV are a next generation of television authorized by ATSC in December 24, 1996 that provides quality and higher resolutions.The HDTV standard is understood to be showing the image in both 1080i (1,080 traces of quality being shown within an interlaced format), 1080p (1,080 traces of quality being shown in progressive format), and 720p (720 lines)In the United States.

The FCC has assigned broadcast channels for DTV transmissions. In SDTV formats, DTV makes it possible to use the designated channels for multiple signals at current quality levels instead of single signals at HDTV levels, which would allow more programming with the same bandwidth usage. Commercial and public broadcast stations are currently deciding exactly how they will implement their use of HDTV.


ISO stands for “International Standard Organization” ISO are derived from the Greek isos, meaning equal. The ISO is a global federation of national standards bodies from some 140 nations. These standards lead to a more efficient, safer, and cleaner development of products. It also leads to more standardized products for consumers.

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LUN stands for “Logic Unit Number”. LUNs are used to recognize SCSI devices, such as external hard drives, connected to a computer.

The volumes on your Readiness can be split into shares and logical unit numbers (LUNs), both of which are rational things on one or more discs.

LUNs and shares enable you to arrange data in a volume by sort, group, user, section, etc. One volume can include LUNs and multiple shares.


An accumulation of machines, computers, mainframes, network devices, peripherals, or other devices attached to one and used to permitting information to become discussed.

An excellent example of the community may be the Web, linking thousands of people all around the world.


Parse refers to analyze an object specially and reading the source code of a program or it describes going for an assortment of information or data and transforming or converting that data into another type of data or into smaller sections of information.


Redundancy is the duplication of information or the system that helps reduce from becoming unavailable from getting lost or a system.

For Example, a RAID setup might permit a COMPUTER not to fail or drop information if there was a drive to become unavailable


Moving picture or when talking about a movie, sample may be the procedure for mixing and enjoying and getting numerous still pictures these pictures in a higher rate of pace creating these pictures to become animated.

Or a statistical population is a set of entities relating to which statistical inferences are to be drawn, often based on a random sample taken from the population is called sampling.


Generally, sync describes the sharing of information between applications or multiple products which makes the information on both products the same.

For Example, you use Google Opera to talk about your favorites, accounts, and browser settings between multiple computers or might sync your phone along with your computer.


Truncate is frequently used in suggestion to data types or variables, such as strings and floating point numbers.

Strings may also be truncated, which can be helpful if a string exceeds the maximum character boundary for a definite application.


VLE stands for “virtual learning environment” (VLE) is a group of training and learning resources made to improve students is learning experience by including computers as well as the Web within the learning process. The main aspects of a VLE package include curriculum mapping (breaking program into areas that is designated and evaluated), student monitoring.

online help for both instructor and scholar, digital transmission (email, threaded discussions, talk, web-publishing), and Web links to external curriculum resources.


Baseband can be used to explain bandwidth and stations (the sign or system volume). When it comes to bandwidth, Baseband may be the greatest volume (calculated in hertz) utilized by the bandwidth, or even the upper bound of the bandwidth.

Base band sometime used as a noun for a band of frequencies beginning close to zero.


Alternately referred to processor speed and clock speed may be the speed the microprocessor executes each shake of the time or each coaching. The processor takes rounds or a fixed quantity of time clicks. The quicker the processor and the quicker the lamps price or even the quicker it may perform instructions.

Time Rates are often decided in GHz, 1 GHz addressing 1 thousand rounds per second, or in MHz and 1 MHz address 1 million rounds per second. This metric is most useful when comparing processors within the same family, holding constant other features that may impact performance.

Video card and CPU manufacturers commonly select their highest performing units from a manufacturing batch and set their maximum clock rate higher, fetching a higher price.


It is used to explain when text or an item is chosen after which transferred to another location. Keep down the left mouse button used to pick that icon, select an item.

As a feature, drag-and-drop support is not found in all software, though it is sometimes a fast and easy-to-learn technique. However, it is not always clear to users that an item can be dragged and dropped, or what is the command performed by the drag and drop, which can decrease usability.

For example an image, to pull and transfer the mouse pointer towards the preferred area you would like the item to become.


It is the procedure of cleaning all the data from the storage drive called formatting. Formatting a disk involves the trying the disk and writing a new file system onto the disk.

This enables the computer to read the disk’s index structure, which explain the way files and folders are prearranged on the disk.

So be carefully while using formatting option otherwise all the resides data on the disk will be lost and to retrieve your files using a disk utility such as Norton Disk Doctor or DiskWarrior.


The unit is named for Heinrich Rudolf Hertz, who was the first to conclusively prove the existence of electromagnetic waves and after the name of Heinrich Hertz and abbreviated as Hz, hertz equals one (0.00000000125) period per second, testing frequencies or the dunes of electrical changes each second.Hertz is often used to calculate the refresh rate of a PC monitor as well as in computer processors.

The range of ultrasound, high-intensity infrasound and several physical vibrations such as molecular vibrations extends into the megahertz range and well beyond. Some of the unit’s most common uses are in the description of sine waves and musical tones, particularly those used in radio- and audio-related applications. It is also used to describe the speeds at which computers and other electronics are driven.


IVR stands for “Interactive Voice Response”, IVR alternatives have used prerecorded voice prompts and menus to present alternatives and advice to touchtone phone keypad entry, and callers to collect answers.

Advanced IVR options additionally enable answers and input signal to be collected via spoken words with voice recognition.

IVR options enable users to recover information including flight programs, bank balances, merchandise details, order status, movie show times, and more from any phone.


Macintosh is a computer designed by Apple. Macintosh computers are understood for the user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) that uses windows, icons, and a mouse for point and click operation.

Opposed to the IBM computers, that at the time used MSDOS, a non graphical user interface. On February 24, 2011, Apple became the first company to bring to market a computer that utilized Intel’s new Thunderbolt (codename Light Peak) I/O interface. Using the same physical interface as a Mini DisplayPort, and backwards compatible with that standard, Thunderbolt boasts two-way transfer speeds of 10 Gbit/s.



A network topology is a network that determines the way the community’s computers are connecter’s actual setting.

Typical options range from tree topology, mesh topology, ring topology, star topology, the bus topology and hybrid topology. See all these topology descriptions for visual examples and extra information.


Partition is a section of the hard drive that’s separated from different parts of the hard drive. Surfaces help a PC hard drive to separate into various parts for multiple systems or into various devices to operate on a single drive.

Typically, an operating system needs to be installed on its own partition so that it won’t conflict with other operating systems on the machine.


Term associated with computer CRT displays, recharge describes the restoration of the screen contents. The image becomes clearer whilst the refresh rate is elevated.

It’s suggested that their computers operate with at least a 75MHz refresh rate. Lower refresh rates generally cause pressure on the eyes.


This capability allows computer equipment and software programs to grow over time, rather than needing to be replaced.

The rescaling could be of the merchandise itself (for example, a-line of personal computers of various dimensions when it comes to storage, Memory, and so on) or within the scalable objectis motion to some new framework (for example, a brand new OS).


It is a group of guidelines which are linked to the language or command about a programming language or command.

Every programming language has its own syntax to write programs.

Managing plan or a control with no correct format often show one message and might fail. In a text editor that supports syntax all the programming languages syntax (e.g. a command like if) is outlined (another color) to create it simpler to browse the code.


Tweak is commonly called as tweaker means a person who tinkers with hardware and make program to a point forthcoming fascination.

Sometimes the intent is to enhance system performance beyond the norm.

But many tweak freaks connect in the activity mainly because it is attractive, fun, and can be a knowledge experience.


A vlog is a video article. It refers to a website composed solely of video website posts. Vlog posts are made by developing a movie of oneself or a meeting, importing it towards the Web and creating it inside a post in your blog.

In the first days of blogging, vlogs were called pod casts, a phrase which was applied to make reference to both audio and video blogs. Today their own unique nomenclature has been used by both.


Bespoke (pronounced bee-SPOHK) is utilized in the UK and elsewhere for an independently- or custom made service or product. Typically put on custom-tailored clothing, the word continues to be expanded to it, specifically for software consulting services.

Generally, software consulting firms provide packaged (previously created and generally applicable) software and custom software for customer wants that can not be pleased by packaged software.

A custom layout, custom database integration, and other extra features the client may require. Because bespoke websites must be individually tailored to a client’s needs, they often take longer to develop and are more expensive than websites built from templates.


Stands for “Cyan Magenta Yellow Black” CMYK may be the four-color design employed for printing standard colors. The image is just a visible illustration of the new color it generates as well as what goes on as each one of the colors overlap one another.

The CMYK model works by partially or entirely masking colors on a lighter, usually white, background. The ink reduces the light that would otherwise be reflected. Such a model is called subtractive because inks “subtract” brightness from white.


Stands for “Document type declaration” A DTD states which tags may look within other labels, and tags and attributes used in HTML or XML document.

Document of kinds definitions used for huge XML databases can be thousands of lines long and can include many several data types. Providentially, DTDs can be easily modified in a text editor whenever changes need to be made.

Where each label is permitted. PRODUCT tags can’t include RECORD tags, although.


For Example, in a DTD you could state that LISTING tags may include PRODUCT tags. Where the DTD permits in certain publishers, when writers are typing data, they are able to spot labels.


A method can be an appearance showing the computer what precise procedure to do upon a particular value. Functions within computer software program are mostly including the formulas.

These formulas are used to execute data that is passed through the function and output the result.


Instead referred to hex and as Base-16, the hexadecimal numbering system employs combinations of 16-character numbers to represent all numerical values. In a non-programming context, a subscript is typically used to give the radix, for example the decimal value 10,995 would be expressed in hexadecimal as 2AF316.

Several notations are used to support hexadecimal representation of constants in programming languages, usually involving a prefix or suffix. The prefix “0x” is used in C and related languages, where this value might be denoted as 0x2AF3.

Along with the five figures within the decimal system (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9), hexadecimal also uses the characters A through F to produce a hexadecimal number..


Many sophisticated word processors like Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer support the skill to correct kern or the character spacing.

In a well-kerned font, the two-dimensional blank spaces between each pair of characters all have a visually similar area.

For example, when the characters A and V are placed next to each other, they can take up less total space if they overlap. This is because the right part of the A and the left part of the V fit together.


Stands for “Mobile Ad Hoc Network” it is a kind of ad hoc network that configures locations on the fly and can change itself.
They use wireless connections to connect to various networks, because MANETS are cellular. This can be another medium, or a typical WiFi connection, for example a satellite or mobile transmission.

Because of the dynamic nature of MANETs, they are commonly not very protected, so it is important to be careful what data is sent over a MANET. MANETs are a kind of wireless ad hoc network (WANET) that usually has a routable networking environment on top of a Link Layer ad hoc network. MANETs consist of a peer-to-peer, self-forming, self-healing network. MANETs circa 2000-2015 typically communicate at radio frequencies (30 MHz – 5 GHz).

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It is known as a nooblet, or nub, a beginner is jargon used to explain a person who’s a new comer to anything, for example perhaps a video game or computers.

Frequently whenever a participant calls another participant a “noob” they’re getting that individual along as somebody who does not understand what they’re doing and it has no ability.

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Often abbreviated as PWD is a code is just a group of key characters or phrases employed to access a PC, web site, community source, or information.

Accounts help make sure that information or computers may only be utilized by those individuals who have been given the best access or to see them.


It is also known as frame rate, frequency, vertical or horizontal scan rate. Refresh rate is a CRT monitor dimension in Hz that suggests how often per minute a monitor display image is renewed.

For Example, when placing the refresh rate of a check to 75 Hz, that will be the Hz rate given by VESA for almost any video quality add up or above to 640×480, implies that the computer will redraw the display 75 times per minute.


An Asynchronous interface using the COMPUTER capable and used for connecting a serial device towards the computer of sending one touch at the same time.

Serial ports are usually determined on IBM compatible computers as NET (communications) ports.

For Example, a mouse may be attached to COM2 to COM1 along with a device. Using the release of other faster options, FireWire, along with Hardware serial ports are seldom used when comparing to often they have been utilized in the past.


An individual that accounts for study and the entire improvement of the company, division, or project. They’re acquainted with systems, equipment, development, and software.

Once the system analyst has firmed the universal and exact needs of the business, he can decide appropriate systems that will help to achieve the goals of the business easily.


A font is t a style that identifies the entire look of documents. Times New Roman and Arial are types of typefaces.

There are two universal categories of typefaces, serif and sans serif. For example, Verdana is a typeface, while Verdana 10 pt bold is a font.

It’s a small difference, but is good to know.


Stands for “Virtual Reality Modeling Language” Pronounced ver-mal, and, VRML is a specification for showing 3-dimensional items about the Internet. You may think about it whilst the 3 D equivalent of HTML.

Documents created in VRML have a.wrl expansion (small for world). To see these documents, you will need perhaps a VRML plug-in or a VRML browser to some web browser.

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Among the main input devices used with a computer, the computer keyboard seems quite much like the keyboards of electric typewriters, with some added keys.

It is the most common input device. Computer Keyboards enable a computer user into a computer to input letters, numbers, and other symbols and is what is and lets you write email what you used to see this web page.


Binary can be a base 2 8-bit number system represented from the numeric values of 0 or 1, also called OFF or ON, and it is the main language that computers use to communicate.

Today’s computers still use binary since it may be the simplest and many effective approach to discovering an electric transmission to be both off or on, discovering magnetic rods with magnetic media just like a drive, and since it may be the most effective method to control logic circuits.

A bit string, interpreted as a binary number, can be translated into a decimal number. For example, the lower case a, if represented by the bit string 01100001 (as it is in the standard ASCII code), can also be represented as the decimal number 97.


A line is just a straight number of cells in desk, a data, or spreadsheet. Each column has unique identification in which data can be stored. Column are mostly used to record numeric data for calculations but any kind of data can be recorded in it as they appeared from top to bottom shape.

Each row would provide a data value for each column and would then be understood as a single structured data value, in this case representing a company. More formally, each row can be interpreted as a relvar, composed of a set of tuples, with each tuple consisting of the two items: the name of the relevant column and the value this row provides for that column.


DV is a format for storing “digital video”. It had been released with combined efforts of top suppliers of camcorder recorders in 1995. The initial DV specification, called Blue Book, was standard inside the IEC 61834 group of standards.

These requirements establish common functions for example fundamental program information simply 1, saving modulation technique, magnetization, and actual videocassettes. Part 2 describes the details of 525-60 and 625-50 systems.

All tape-based video formats are increasingly obsolete as tapeless HD cameras recording on memory cards, hard-disk drives, and optical discs have become the norm, although the DV encoding standard is sometimes still used in tapeless cameras.


A volume may be the quantity of oscillations in a present in alternating current each minute, often expressed in hertz. Or even the term frequency could also reference the quantity of rounds an audio wave goes down and up.

If a current completes one cycle per second, then the frequency is 1 Hz; 60 cycles per second equals 60 Hz (the standard alternating-current utility frequency in some countries).


Stands for “Hierarchical File system”, HFS are the Apple Macintoshes record system used for the documents on floppy disks, CD ROM discs, and hard disk drives. It can also be found on read-only media such as CD-ROMs. HFS is also referred to as Mac OS Standard.

However, MFS had been optimized to be used on very small and slow media, namely floppy disks, so HFS was introduced to overcome some of the performance problems that arrived with the introduction of larger media, notably hard drives. The main concern was the time needed to display the contents of a folder. Under MFS all of the file and directory listing information was stored in a single file, which the system had to search to build a list of the files stored in a particular folder.

This worked well with a system with a few hundred kilobytes of storage and perhaps a hundred files, but as the systems grew into megabytes and thousands of files, the performance degraded rapidly. The hierarchical file system is used to create a directory that can expand as new files and folders are added to the disk.